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My name is Kelsey

Here's a quick story about me...

My story as a model certainly hasn’t been traditional – I’m 5’5, petite, curvy, and a woman of color. I’ve been a professional model for over 11 years and have been blogging for about 5 years. There was an incredible amount of brands that wouldn’t work with me in my earlier years because of my height, so I’ve always had to find ways of standing out from the agency-standard. For me, it was through the art of pose. Throughout these experiences, I felt the need of sharing my insight with my audience and other women like me. I became a model coach specializing in posing.
I traveled all over the country teaching classes to aspiring and developing models who wanted to learn my style of dance posing. I even had the pleasure of working on photoshoots as a pose instructor for celebrity editorials. Living in the fashion capital of the world led me to styling my own shoots and documenting my day-to-day looks, which allowed me to become well-known for my Street Style outfits. Now in my newest transformative phase, I’m blessed to have started a family with the love of my life, who I also get to travel the world with. These days I’ve expanded my portfolio as a full-time content creator, on-camera personality, fashion blogger, and world traveler, all while being a working model signed to Wilhelmina.